One Stop Systems Breakfast Event

Presented at Flash Memory Summit


7:30 AM – 8:00 AM: Registration and Check-In

8:00 AM – 8:20 AM: Steve Cooper and Randy Jones

Introducing Magma, a division of One Stop Systems

Steve Cooper and Randy Jones will discuss the merger between One Stop Systems and Magma. Both companies are market leaders in PCIe expansion technology used to create high-end compute accelerators and flash storage arrays. Together they become a dominant technology leader of PCIe expansion appliances.


8:20 AM – 8:40 AM: Tim Miller

Introducing SB1000 NVMe JBOF:  Bringing Hyperconvergence to Cognitive Computing

Today’s hyperconverged solutions bring together storage, compute and networking in simple, easy to deploy, and manage nodes to reduce datacenter scaling complexities for traditional enterprise applications. Similar solution concepts can now be deployed for HPC and Cognitive Computing where the data speed and computational power requirements increase by orders of magnitude.  Magma/OSS are providing the building blocks and appliance solutions for cognitive computing hyperconverged nodes.  These nodes include very tightly coupled multi-teraflop multi GPU compute accelerators on the same PCIe Gen3 system fabric with 10’s or 100’s of TBs of ultra-low latency, high bandwidth storage with directly connected high speed Infiniband or 40 Gbs Ethernet links.  Leveraging NVMe over Fabrics and GPU Direct for peer to peer RDMA communication these nodes connect for massive scale-out performance in cost efficient, easy to manage HPC and Cognitive Computing solutions. This talk provides a high level introduction to these concepts and how the SB1000 NVMe storage unit is a key element to the solutions.  


8:40 AM – 9:20 AM: Jim Ison and Steve Cooper


Introducing the FSAn All-flash-array Appliances: Advanced Features to the Enterprise, Datacenter and Warfighter

Flash appliances have increasingly replaced traditional spinning disks in environments ranging from mobile devices to data-centers and defense vehicles.  To many, the transition to an all-flash appliance becomes a simple replacement of 2.5” HDDs with 2.5” SSD using the same hardware infrastructure and software tools originally optimized for the HDD.  The OSS approach optimizes the hardware for the environment and optimizes the software for the application in the Flash Storage Array for Networks product line (FSAn).  This hardware and software optimization in the FSAn product line provides the best ROI in any environment by minimizing hardware and license costs through advance array-level optimizations while maximizing the utilization of the flash array through VSI and VDI application support.  This talk walks you through the FSAn features and innovations in hardware and software that allow it to scale from 25TB in 2U up to 1PB in 16U.


9:20 AM – 9:30 AM: Q&A

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