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Building a High Performance Data Acquisition System in a PXIe Chassis using XMC Modules

When designing a high performance data acquisition system, a signi!cant decision is what chassis form factor to use. A rackmount 19 inch chassis comes to mind as a good generic solution, and the PXIe version seems like a good candidate as it is standardized, reasonably priced, and available from multiple vendors. "e only signi!cant concern is that native PXI/PXIe modules are generally aimed at the testing market, which means they tend to have lower throughput, with less processing power than needed in high performance data acquisition systems. "is concern can be addressed by XMC modules powered by Xilinx UltraScale FPGAs that provide a universe of high performance data acquisition functions, featuring higher sample rates, and greater processing power with the on board FPGA’s, than typical PXI/PXIe modules. An XMC module can be incorporated into a PXIe chassis using a PXIe to XMC Adapter which plugs into the chassis and is a carrier for the module. 

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