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RTC Media publishes four of the most read publications in the M2M, IoT and embedded computer arena. Our publications are focused on specific areas of the computer design industry, increasing our relevance and making our publications the most read in their prospective markets.

COTS Journal takes you into the world of the military electronics acquisition machine. The COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) initiative has been a revolution in military electronics development, and COTS Journal has led the way. COTS Journal provides in-depth coverage of commercially available embedded technology and its specific use in military electronics and equipment design, alongside analysis of the defense and aerospace industry’s ever changing requirements from electronics developers.

RTC, the magazine of record for the embedded open systems industry, covers the latest in hardware, software and peripherals for board and subsystem level solutions to embedded and real-time challenges. With strong market analysis and technical content, RTC has become the magazine engineers and managers rely on for in-depth coverage of this developing and expanding marketplace.

Connected Auto is the pre-eminent publication for the Connected and Autonomous Vehicle Industry. It is the leading channel for technology companies to reach engineers, auto manufacturers and other suppliers who design products for the connected and autonomous vehicle industry. The content of each issue is informative, forward-thinking and covers V2V (Vehicle-to-Vehicle), V2I (Vehicle-toInfrastructure, and other topics that affect the development of Connected Vehicles and the future of Intelligent Transportation. Technology suppliers, academic institutions, public agencies, consultants, analysts and legislators are encouraged to participate in the publication, the website, and the monthly newsletters.

MEDS highlights the pulse of the medical device community. With the latest in industry events and technological innovation, MEDS showcases the news and products that are capturing the attention of both designers and consumers today. With articles, interviews, panel discussions andevents, MEDS helps you to stay in the forefront of the medical electronic technology industry. MEDS offers our sponsors the vehicle to reach the medical electronic device designers and developers with all the right tools.

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