2017 COTS Journal Media Kit

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There is little doubt that 2017 will hold a host of uncertainties. Will the overall U.S. defense budget shrink or grow? Will sequestration be abolished or maintained? How hard will procurement reforms be pushed? How these issues pan out will become clear over time. What is absolutely certain is that technology will continue to be a priority for the military. Over the last couple decades, the portion of the defense budget that accounts for electronics, computing, networking—and all associated technologies—has steadily ramped up even as overall budgets have risen and fallen. Moreover, every Secretary of Defense over the past 20 years has voiced their view that technological superiority is a priority.

COTS Journal is a leader in such thinking as we work to provide the best quality technical material to help readers design and build embedded computer-based systems for the military. As embedded computing technology advances, legacy form factors; and new architectures and approaches have a place. System developers have to consider legacy formats with upgraded components. At the same time they must take advantage of the kinds of technologies flourishing in the civilian market – like IoT cloud computing, tablet and mobile interfaces and virtualized HPEC platforms. COTS Journal remains the premier resource for that variety of innovative information.

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